custom analogue
'right click' on image.....
Dual Vacuum Tube Compressor
New: 8 custom wound transformers
Vintage: 8 electron tubes
based on Fairchild Schematics
w/custom 'Latch' circuit
TOP: Dual Precision Equalizer
based on Neumann schematic
BOTTOM: Gyraf/SSL  Compressor
New: Blackmer THAT 2181 VCA's
Vintage: Signetics OpAmps (1984)
Stereo VCA Compressor w/ SSL or Gyraf compression characteristics
Trident EQ variation
Discrete FET Class A compressor
New: CARNHILL/SOWTER  transformers
Vintage: NEVE {Newmarket} 2N3055
Stereo MixBuss Compressor
'Blackmer' 2181 VCA's
'Analog Devices' OpAmps
based on SSL schematic
with API 'thrust' variations
still in it's prototype enclosure..... Discrete Mic Preamp with new CINEMAG transformers and a vintage API 2520 OpAmp. Phantom Power,  Input Pad, Polarity Reverse, In/Out Pin 1 Lift, High Pass Filter
2 isolated transformer balanced outputs: +4 dBu via rear mounted XLR, and front panel  mounted 600 Ohm switchable: Balanced T.R.S 'B Gauge' Longframe or unBalanced via RCA.
Passive Equalizer with Active Balancing stages. 2 Bands. +/-5dB in 1 dB steps. 5 Frequency selections per band. Mastering Quality, based on Studer taper-law of the 169 Equalizer